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Hong Kong orchid tree (bauhinia or blakeana)

Hong Kong orchid tree (bauhinia or blakeana) has big stocky leaves and impressive purplish-red flowers. The great aromatic orchid flowers are normally 10 to 15 centimeters (3.9 to 5.9). In 1880 it was invented in Hong Kong. They seemingly all of the cultured trees obtain from the one cultured at the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens and the widely planted in Hong Kong starting in 1914. It was mentioned as the bauhinia in the non-scientific publications through this is the name of the genus. It was sometimes called the Hong Kong orchid tree. In Hong Kong it was the most often mentioned by its Chinese name is bauhinia

Multi-trunked semi-evergreen flowering tree.

This broadleaf sample is the hybrid multi-trunk semi-evergreen flowering tree. That has a bauhinia double-lobed leave is the alike in the shape to the heart or the butterfly or like the umbrella form along with an asymmetrical coronet. It’s the big orchid flowers like come in the range of size is 7 to 10 centimeters (2.8 to 3.9 inches) long. They have 10 to 13 centimeters (3.9 to 5.1 inches) wide, with the deep split dividing the crest.

2- Hong Kong orchid tree (bauhinia or blakeana) - Best Orchid Pots - bestorchidpots.com
2- Hong Kong orchid tree (bauhinia or blakeana) – Best Orchid Pots – bestorchidpots.com

Hong Kong orchid tree specs.

The Hong Kong orchid tree is a fast grower to 30 to 40 feet in height. This tree-like better a well draw off full to the part sun location with plenty of the scope to extend. These flowers are infertile and will not put seed. So, the plant will not drop large pods as other orchid trees do. And they will not become a nuisance in the scenery. This is often the orchid tree of the choice for planting in the built-up scenery.

Hong Kong’s bright blooms go bang against infertile winter scenery

The Hong Kong orchid tree is adaptable. If you live in a colder or chilly climate. So, you can plant it in the receptacle for your terrace or even bring it indoors when the temperatures dropdown. In the South of Hong Kong’s stocky, luxuriant leaves grow in an umbrella or butterfly-shaped awing through the season. It contributes to the perfect screen or the frontier along your driveaway.

3- Hong Kong orchid tree (bauhinia or blakeana) - Best Orchid Pots - bestorchidpots.com
3- Hong Kong orchid tree (bauhinia or blakeana) – Best Orchid Pots – bestorchidpots.com

The Hong Kong orchid tree care.

The gray-green leaves are somewhat deciduous. It is the deciduous nature that will take the place or area subsequent to the supposed. It grows best in the full sun in a variety of soil kinds. The great drainage is very important. Great to protect the from rime as the leaves can become harmed. It will not survive the cold, hard, extended time. it can be secured from the cold breezed where the plant in the location.

The Hong Kong orchid tree adds topsoil the humus to the pit when you plant. You can add in the fertilizer cow dung to help enhance the soil around the root ball. The young trees may have a lanky rough look to them. So, you can the cut branch lasts after the blooming round is over in the order to shape the tree.


The water on a daily basis to these orchid trees once a day. It’s well accepted to give the tree time to arid out between the watering. This practice will advance weighty bloom.


The Hong Kong orchid tree fertilizes three times a year. Every in the spring, summer, and autumn with the great powder fertilizer.


In Hong Kong, the leave is called the “cloverleaf” and is considered as the symbol of sagacity. Some people utilize the leaves to make the bookmarks in the hope. That they will bring them good luck in their learning.

About the Bauhinia variegate and the parents.

It is infertile, which means that it does not normally produce seeds or fruits. And is the hybrid between the Bauhinia variegata and the bauhinia purpurea. The 2008 research was able to the individuality of the female parent as the bauhinia purpura. It could not differentiate the male parent from the bauhinia variegata var. This is not unforeseen as the Bauhinia variegata or the bauhinia variegata var candida. It is the white-flowered form of the bauhinia variegata var. The variegata and not the unconnected species or the subspecies. The 2005 research indicated bauhinia or blakeana is genetically much closer to the bauhinia variegata. While the 2008 research proposed. It is much closer to the bauhinia purpurea rather.   

The usage and symbol of the Hong Kong orchid tree. 

The sculpture of the plant has been engorged in the Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong. Flowers are shining pinkish purple in the color. They are described in white on the flag of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Airlines uses the BAUHINIA as it is the callsign.

The Hong Kong orchid trees are commonly used on the footpath. The endemic plant of Hong Kong was instituted in Taiwan in 1967. In 1984 it was selected to be the city flower of the Chiayi City, in southwestern Taiwan. It was the very amazing and good-looking flower in the Honk Kong. It has got more importance in Hong Kong.


Why Hong Kong Orchid Trees?

These 6-inch fragment blooms first appear in November, just in the time of holidays. It delivers 5 months of eye-catching colors.

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