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Why are the orchid leaves turning yellow?

We will discuss the causes of orchid leaves turning yellow. Well as you know, the orchids are the most popular houseplant because they are very easy to grow and are visually remarkable and beautiful when placed properly in your home. They can remain alive in a variety of conditions and come in different colors.

Easy to grow:

Even though that the orchids are known for being very easy to grow. It is simple and natural for the older leaves to yellow and moderately dropdown. The older phalaenopsis orchids often have a somewhat prolonged trunk where old leaves have dropped away. On the healthy wealthy plants, new roots will continuously bounce from the trunk ultimately forming a mass of the roots.

You still notice the if your bottom orchid leaf has turned yellow it does not necessarily cause the alarm means your orchid is sick or dying. This is the natural process of the plant to dispose of the mature leaf in the order to produce the new leaf. Eventually, the yellow leaves will drop down and the new leaves or the new flower prong become visible. If your plant is not shedding old leaves, it could be one of these other main or common reasons for yellowing orchid leaves.


Overwatering is the first of the most common cause of orchid leaves turning yellow. The inundation roots are the trim off from the air, due to which roots wind up to receive water and nutrients. As the result, the orchid leaves turning yellow mislay their stretchiness and the root system reduces. It is necessary to transplant the orchid into the clean and clear substrate and the water is greatest of one time per week. If the leaves are wrinkled and lethargic the plant is most probable dehydrated.

Overwatering can lead to root decay, which can turn in the source of its orchid leaves turning yellow. You should only water the plant when the top one inch of the potting habitat is dry and the roots are white. If your orchid is suffering from root decay but you see your plant still has some healthy wealthy green roots, trim the decayed roots and repot the plant in the new media. Mist the leaves the first week in place of the

watering. Please to keep away from the overwatering, water your phalaenopsis orchid with the three ice cubes once a week that the roots will immerse up water slowly.

2- Why are the orchid leaves turning yellow - best orchid pots
2- Why are the orchid leaves turning yellow – best orchid pots

One main reason for orchids turning yellow leaves is too much sunlight also:

In nature, the orchids are the steamy plant that usually grows in the indirect sunlight under the awing of the trees. They are not used to straight sunlight, so if they are placed in a location that is given too much straight sunlight can cause orchid leaves turning yellow. Great care of the orchid tip is that to remember is to always put your orchid in the place to receive enough straight sunlight.

All the plants need light much, but the straight sunlight brings the choice for the orchids. If too much straight sunlight is the problem, you will find the yellowing leaves and make them grow pale. You also might find burn or dry-up marks. They split in the leaves and burnt the leaf tips. You need to take this into the thought when you choose the location for your orchid plant.

You may take the fixed sunlight:

In your home that would look like keeping your plant north and east-facing the windows are the best or great they provide the slightest straight sun revealing. But make sure to the southern facing window in the summer. It will be way too powerful for your orchids.

3- Why are the orchid leaves turning yellow - best orchid pots
3- Why are the orchid leaves turning yellow – best orchid pots

The high or low temperatures:

The too low or high temperatures can also be the source of orchid leaves turning yellow. The orchids want to be kept at sensible temperatures in the range of 60-80 Fahrenheit degree. Now, if the plants are subject to temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit or above 80F the plant drop sufferer to the immoderate strain. You might the attention to the modern yellowing of the leaves as well as the leaf drop.

Temperature strain can also the source of the browning or blackening of the leaves or even the plant demise. Keep the orchid away from the open windows, fans, or air conditioning outlet, as it brings hot temperatures and justly high humidity.

You may take the fixed temperatures:

You may take the fixed temperatures get the thermometer and double check that the location you choose the remaining within the satisfactory range. In some cases, windows can be the theme to broad variation in the temperatures. In the summer with the straight sunlight, your window sill might be the like session in a stove and if the temperatures are cold outside the window might become cold. 

4- Why are the orchid leaves turning yellow - best orchid pots
4- Why are the orchid leaves turning yellow – best orchid pots

Bacterial diseases of turning yellow leaves:

If you have your orchid in the hot and muggy area, this is the most common. As it gets shabby it guides to the generalized orchid leaves turning yellow which is the sign of the strain the plant is under. You can move your orchid from the other plants. Then remove the infected area with the infertile razor blade or the pair of scissors and atomizer the plant with the fungicide. You can see there are a number of elements that can the source orchid leaves to turn yellow.

Healthy or wealthy orchid leaves are the strong and the clasp they’re the guise. If the leaves are yellow and you attention the dirty smell, it could be a bacterial disease. In either case, separate the orchid from other plants to prevent the disease from layout, then use the infertile pair of scissors to remove the pretentious area. Atomizer the plant with the fungicide to finish it up.



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